Overview of the program (v2016-09-20)

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Detailed Program (v2016-09-20)

WMCSP Session 1: Access Control and Intrusion Detection
Chair: João Nuno Silva

  • sKnock: Port-Knocking for Masses
    Daniel Sel, Sree Harsha Totakura, and Georg Carle
  • Toward Access Control Model for Context-Aware Services Offloaded to Cloud Computing
    Ichiro Satoh

WMCSP Session 2: Biometric Authentication
Chair: Hugues Mercier

  • Comfort and Security Perception of Biometrics in Mobile Phones with Widespread Sensors
    Javier Guerra-Casanova, Belén Ríos-Sánchez, Miguel Viana-Matesanz, Gonzalo Bailador, Carmen Sánchez-Ávila, and María José Melcón De Giles
  • A Configurable Multibiometric System for Authentication at Different Security Levels Using Mobile Devices
    Belén Ríos-Sánchez, Miguel Viana-Matesanz, Carmen Sánchez-Ávila, and María José Melcón De Giles
  • BioALeg – Enabling Biometric Authentication in Legacy Web Sites
    Sharareh Monfared, Daniel Andrade, Luís Rodrigues, and João Nuno Silva

WMCSP Session 3: Security and Safety
Chair: Rui Oliveira

  • SafeRegions: Performance Evaluation of Multi-party Protocols on HBase
    Rogério Pontes, Francisco Maia, João Paulo, and Ricardo Vilaça
  • ARM TrustZone for Secure Image Processing on the Cloud
    Tiago Brito, Nuno O. Duarte, and Nuno Santos
  • Thwarting Data Exfiltration by Repackaged Applications
    Daniel Andrade, Thor Kristoffersen, Ivar Rummelhoff, Alex Gerdov, and João Nuno Silva

WMCSP Session 4: Invited Speaker
Chair: Luís Rodrigues

  • Tell me how you move, I will tell you who you are: latest advances in location privacy protection mechanisms (invited talk)
    Sonia Ben Mokhtar

W-PSDS Invited Speaker
Chair: João Leitão

  • Decentralized Personal Data: From Scale to Privacy
    Davide Frey, INRIA, ASAP Group

W-PSDS Session 1: Planetary-Scale Distributed Systems
Chair: João Leitão

  • Emusphere: Evaluating Planetary-Scale Distributed Systems in Automated Emulation Environments
    Johannes Köstler, Jan Seidemann, and Hans P. Reiser

W-PSDS Session 2: Planetary-Scale Distributed Systems
Chair: João Leitão

  • Have a Seat on the ErasureBench: Easy Evaluation of Erasure Coding Libraries for Distributed Storage Systems
    Sébastien Vaucher, Hugues Mercier, and Valerio Schiavoni
  • Adaptive IP Mutation: A Proactive Approach for Defending against Worm Propagation
    Changting Lin, Chunming Wu, Min Huang, Zhenyu Wen, and Qiumei Cheng
  • The Convoy Effect in Atomic Multicast
    Tarek Ahmed-Nacer, Pierre Sutra, and Denis Conan

SRDS Keynote 1
Chair: András Pataricza

  • Blockchain
    Tamás Blummer, Chief Ledger Architect, Digital Asset Holdings

SRDS Session 1: Security
Chair: Luís Rodrigues

  • The Rowhammer Attack Injection Methodology
    Keun Soo Yim
  • ShareIff: A Sticky Policy Middleware for Self-Destructing Messages in Android Applications
    António Goulão, Nuno O. Duarte, and Nuno Santos
  • Lateral Movement Detection Using Distributed Data Fusion
    Ahmed Fawaz, Atul Bohara, Carmen Cheh, and William H. Sanders
  • Multi-round Master-Worker Computing: A Repeated Game Approach
    Antonio Fernández Anta, Chryssis Georgiou, Miguel A. Mosteiro, and Daniel Pareja

SRDS Session 2: Failure Prediction and Detection
Chair: Sandeep Kulkarni

  • Sirius: Neural Network Based Probabilistic Assertions for Detecting Silent Data Corruption in Parallel Programs
    Tara E. Thomas, Anmol J. Bhattad, Subrata Mitra, and Saurabh Bagchi
  • CRUDE: Combining Resource Usage Data and Error Logs for Accurate Error Detection in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
    Nentawe Gurumdimma, Arshad Jhumka, Maria Liakata, Edward Chuah, and James Browne
  • Achieving High Reliability via Expediting the Repair of Critical Blocks in Replicated Storage Systems
    Juntao Fang, Shenggang Wan, Ping Huang, Xubin He, and Changsheng Xie
  • Being Accurate Is Not Enough: New Metrics for Disk Failure Prediction
    Jing Li, Rebecca J. Stones, Gang Wang, Zhongwei Li, Xiaoguang Liu, and Kang Xiao

SRDS Session 3: Cloud Computing
Chair: Sara Bouchenak

  • Norton Zone: Symantec’s Secure Cloud Storage System
    Walter Bogorad, Scott Schneider, and Haibin Zhang
  • Tale of Tails: Anomaly Avoidance in Data Centers
    Ji Xue, Robert Birke, Lydia Y. Chen, and Evgenia Smirni
  • vMocity: Traveling VMs Across Heterogeneous Clouds
    Cheng Cheng, Zhui Deng, Zhongshu Gu, and Dongyan Xu
  • Storekeeper: A Security-Enhanced Cloud Storage Aggregation Service
    Sancha Pereira, André Alves, Nuno Santos, and Ricardo Chaves
  • VMBeam: Zero-Copy Migration of Virtual Machines for Virtual IaaS Clouds (short paper)
    Kenichi Kourai and Hiroki Ooba

SRDS Keynote 2

  • Emergence in Cyber-Physical Systems-of-Systems
    Andrea Bondavalli, University of Firenze, Italy

SRDS Best paper presentation
Chair: Andrea Bondavalli

  • Inside-Out: Reliable Performance Prediction for Distributed Storage Systems in the Cloud
    Chin-Jung Hsu, Rajesh K. Panta, Moo-Ryong Ra, and Vincent W. Freeh

SRDS Session 4: Geo-replicated Storage
Chair: Anwitaman Datta

  • DTC: A Dynamic Transaction Chopping Technique for Geo-replicated Storage Systems
    Ning Huang, Lihui Wu, and Weigang Wu
  • GlobalFS: A Strongly Consistent Multi-site File System
    Leandro Pacheco, Raluca Halalai, Valerio Schiavoni, Fernando Pedone, Etienne Rivière, and Pascal Felber
  • On the Cost of Safe Storage for Public Clouds: An Experimental Evaluation
    Dorian Burihabwa, Rogério Pontes, Pascal Felber, Francisco Maia, Hugues Mercier, Rui Oliveira, João Paulo, and Valerio Schiavoni

SRDS Session 5: Algorithms I
Chair: Hans P. Reiser

  • Who’s On Board?: Probabilistic Membership for Real-Time Distributed Control Systems
    Rachid Guerraoui, David Kozhaya, Manuel Oriol, and Yvonne-Anne Pignolet
  • UDS: A Novel and Flexible Scheduling Algorithm for Deterministic Multithreading
    Franz J. Hauck, Gerhard Habiger, and Jörg Domaschka
  • Practical State Machine Replication with Confidentiality
    Sisi Duan and Haibin Zhang
  • Speed for the Elite, Consistency for the Masses: Differentiating Eventual Consistency in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
    Davide Frey, Achour Mostefaoui, Matthieu Perrin, Pierre-Louis Roman, and François Taïani

SRDS PhD Forum
Chair: Antonio Casimiro

  • Continuous Authentication and Non-repudiation for the Security of Critical Systems
    Enrico Schiavone, Andrea Ceccarelli, and Andrea Bondavalli
  • Including Security Monitoring in Cloud Service Level Agreements
    Amir Teshome, Louis Rilling, and Christine Morin
  • Visualizing and Controlling VMI-Based Malware Analysis in IaaS Cloud
    Noëlle Rakotondravony and Hans P. Reiser
  • Challenging Anomaly Detection in Complex Dynamic Systems
    Tommaso Zoppi, Andrea Ceccarelli, and Andrea Bondavalli
  • PlayCloud: A Platform to Experiment with Coding Techniques for Storage in the Cloud
    Dorian Burihabwa
  • Reliable Event Dissemination in Dynamic Distributed Systems
    Ugaitz Amozarrain and Mikel Larrea

SRDS Session 6: Erasure-Coded Storage
Chair: Rui Oliveira

  • ProCode: A Proactive Erasure Coding Scheme for Cloud Storage Systems
    Peng Li, Jing Li, Rebecca J. Stones, Gang Wang, Zhongwei Li, and Xiaoguang Liu
  • SwiftER: Elastic Erasure Coded Storage System
    Anwitaman Datta and Wan Hee Cho
  • Encoding-Aware Data Placement for Efficient Degraded Reads in XOR-Coded Storage Systems
    Zhirong Shen, Patrick P.C. Lee, Jiwu Shu, and Wenzhong Guo
  • Network Aware Reliability Analysis for Distributed Storage Systems
    Amir Epstein, Elliot K. Kolodner, and Dmitry Sotnikov

SRDS Session 7: Algorithms II
Chair: Sébastien Tixeuil

  • Collaborative Stabilization
    Mohammad Roohitavaf and Sandeep Kulkarni
  • Adaptive Location Privacy with ALP
    Vincent Primault, Antoine Boutet, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, and Lionel Brunie
  • On Privacy-Preserving Cloud Auction
    Zhili Chen, Lin Chen, Liusheng Huang, and Hong Zhong
  • Experiments with Self-Stabilizing Distributed Data Fusion
    Bertrand Ducourthial and Véronique Cherfaoui

SRDS Session 8: Networking and Systems
Chair: Bertrand Ducourthial

  • TANGO: Toward a More Reliable Mobile Streaming through Cooperation between Cellular Network and Mobile Devices
    Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt, Tarun Mangla, Saurabh Bagchi, Rajesh Panta, Kaustubh Joshi, Mostafa Ammar, and Ellen Zegura
  • Model-Checking Assisted Protocol Design for Ultra-reliable Low-Latency Wireless Networks
    Christian Dombrowski, Sebastian Junges, Joost-Pieter Katoen, and James Gross
  • Self-Stabilization – A Mechanism to Make Networked Embedded Systems More Reliable?
    Stefan Lohs, Gerry Siegemund, Jörg Nolte, and Volker Turau
  • RDE: Replay DEbugging for Diagnosing Production Site Failures
    Peipei Wang, Hiep Nguyen, Xiaohui Gu, and Shan Lu
  • A Component-Based Middleware for a Reliable Distributed and Reconfigurable Spacecraft Onboard Computer (short paper)
    Ting Peng, Kilian Höflinger, Benjamin Weps, Olaf Maibaum, Kurt Schwenk, Daniel Lüdtke, and Andreas Gerndt

SRDS Closing

  • Acknowledgements
  • Message from the Steering Committee
  • Information about SRDS 2017